I’ve got a very simple and powerful Voodoo love spell for you today. While Voodoo Magic has never been my main focus…in the end, it is Magic just like anything else.

Because of it’s nature, it is more subject for abuse and trying to “control” someone…something I do not believe in. So the following love spell is designed to help achieve your goal without suffering any negative karma.

With all this in mind…let’s get started with your Voodoo love spell.

Rose’s Candle Wax Spell Of True Love Attraction

What you’ll need:

* A piece of paper
* A pen
* 1 purple candle
* A “disposable” pan
* Water
* A red candle

STEP 1: Write the 5 main qualities you desire in a lover on the left half of the paper.

STEP 2: Write your name 4 times on the right side of the paper.

STEP 3: Light the purple candle and allow 4 drops of wax to hit the left side of the paper.

STEP 4: Fold the paper in half so that the left side and right side of the paper are sealed together with the purple wax.

STEP 5: Place the folded paper flat in the pan, and pour water in just high enough to cover the paper.

STEP 6: Put the red candle on top of the submerged paper and light it. Allow wax to spill out into the water. This may take a few hours…just let it happen.

The spell is done…prepare to meet your new love. 😉

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